• What AT&T 5G Means for the Future of Robots

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:47

    What Advanced Connectivity Means for the Future of Robots

    It’s famous for its dance videos, but there’s another reason this YouTube star is getting attention. Boston Dynamics’ Spot® robot now works with AT&T 5G.

    Spot is to mobile robots what the smartphone is to commu

  • MOV.AI and Ouster partner to advance sensing for mobile robots - The Robot Report

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:43

    The Ouster solid state LIDAR solution helps AMRs to sense their environment. | Credit: Ouster

    MOV.AI, a mobile robotics software solutions provider, and Ouster, a digital LiDAR sensor manufacturer, announce a new partnership that integrates the two companies’ solutions. MOV.AI has

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    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:39

    The vegetable garden at Helen Greiner’s oceanfront home in Beverly is surrounded by a tall steel fence. It keeps the squirrels and chipmunks out, and keeps the robots in.

    The robots don’t seem to mind. The pair of bright green, disk-shaped machines trundle randomly among the tomato

  • 10 Best Movie Robots, Ranked

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:37

    Literally more human than human.

    Robots have fascinated humans for a long time. They've been a mainstay of cinema for close to a century, but old legends about automatons and golems go back even further. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, published in 1818, introduced many of the most

  • Love, Death & Robots: 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked | ScreenRant

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:35

    Volume 3 of Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots introduced even more smart characters like Kivelson and the Swarm. Who are the most intelligent ones?

    Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Netflix show Love, Death & Robots.

    The recent release of Volume 3

  • Nike sports bra technology has gotten futuristic AF | Well+Good

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:32

    Meet Haley, a “thermoregulation mannequin” used for Nike sports bra technology research and development...which means Haley actually sweats in order to test the merchandise.

    Haley’s not alone, though. Nike also built a physical “boob robot” with a chest that

  • Love, Death + Robots: Tim Miller & Jennifer Yuh Nelson Discuss the Series

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:28

    Tim Miller and Jennifer Yuh Nelson detail the importance of Love, Death + Robots and their process for bringing the animated, sci-fi stories to life.

    The animated sci-fi anthology series Love, Death + Robots set a new standard for what to expect from adult animation when it was first rel

  • Tiny Robot Crab Army Could Assist With Surgeries One Day - CNET

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:22

    Your guide to a better future

    They may even be joined by beetle bots and inchworm droids.

    Monisha Ravisetti covers all things science at CNET. On a separate note, she plays a ton of online chess and is a fan of overly complicated sci-fi movies.

    Northwestern University researc

  • Check Out This New Amazon Robot - NewsWatchTV

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:20

    Photo: Dan Seifer/The Verge

    The future is robots…if you ask most major tech companies. If they’re not talking about AI, they’re talking about robots. In fact, the two are intertwined.

    Just like VR, it wasn’t until recently that robots actually advanced enough to be use

  • Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

    by admin on 2022-05-28 09:25:19

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