New Buzz Lightyear Toy Brings the Pixar Hero Eerily to Life

2022-09-16 22:44:10 By : Ms. Amanda Hong

Let’s say you love the world of Pixar’s Toy Story but also are cool with letting a sentient robot live in your home that seems like it could, hypothetically, one day decide to kill you. If so, well, we have just the toy for you.

Robosen, the robotics company behind this impressive Optimus Prime toy , is now taking pre-orders on an equally evolved Buzz Lightyear toy based on this year’s Lightyear . The company describes it as a “smart conversational, interactive, programmable, and ultra-authentic Space Ranger robot, featuring a genuine combination of science, engineering, and artistry. It’s a work of art—the perfect collectible with maximum authenticity and infinite playability.”

You need only watch this video to realize there’s a good chance the soul of Chris Evans may or may not be captured in this robot.

Now, obviously, this robot won’t start making noises in the middle of the night to scare the living crap out of you [laughs nervously], but it certainly seems like it has that capacity, if you so desire. You can talk to it, you can program it, you can pose it, you can update it with new software, it comes with accessories—truly, it’s an impressive piece of engineering. Which is exactly why it scares us just a little bit.

Pre-orders are now open with Buzz expected to ship in the spring. But, as you’d imagine, this isn’t something Andy’s mom can just grab at Al’s Toy Barn . It’s a real piece of tech with a price tag to match. The standard version costs $649, which is being called “a $150 pre-order savings;” the “collector’s limited edition” version, which comes with a ton of additional accessories, is $749, “a $250 pre-order savings.” But you only need to put down a $99 deposit.

In all seriousness, as someone who actually saw and liked Lightyear , I mostly just feel for the people behind this impressive piece. The movie did not perform up to Pixar’s standards and you have to imagine that isn’t good for sales. I would, however, recommend checking the film out on Disney+. It’s much better than the buzz (get it?) suggests. And then, if you like it and you want a baby Chris Evans walking around your house, you know what to do.

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For all the info and details on the Robosen Buzz Lightyear, visit this site .

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